Tech Love Electric Heating Pad

After a long day in the office, working in front of a computer or sitting for hours from one meeting to another, neck and shoulder pain might be inevitable. The other common cause of this kind of pain is injury mostly to the soft tissues including ligaments, muscles, and tendons around the neck and the shoulder.

Other causes include existing conditions and fatigue, but generally, neck, shoulder and upper back pain is a general discomfort that is quite common. But one thing is for sure, anyone going through such pain yearns for relief, and anything that can help with it will be a blessing to them.

The electric heating pad from Techlove will be received with lots of appreciation by anyone experiencing this kind of discomfort. It is built to sit snug around the shoulders, the neck area, and upper back to relieve pain and offer comfort.

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Detailed information about Tech Love Electric Heating Pad

The heating pad, which is made of 100% polyester and a micro-mink material on both sides has contouring dimensions of 14" x 22". Basically, it's a large-sized wrap that provides therapeutic heat around the shoulders, neck area, upper back, and the surrounding areas to sooth the muscles and relieves tension. It’s comfortable and fully washable.

It's designed with two heat therapy options which include moist or dry heat. The dry heat option draws out moisture and its likely to leave skin dehydrated. Some people prefer the dry heat and find it easier to apply and comfortable to their body just like a sauna.


Heats fast

Has different heating intensities

Has the option of dry and moist heat

It's machine washable

Comes well packaged with a user manual, and a travel pouch


Smaller than expected to some people