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Teacher’s Day Bar Necklace

Sad as it may be, teachers are sometimes overlooked and not given enough credit for all their hard work and dedication in their chosen career path. It is for sure not an easy task to command the attention of young kids and adolescents whose minds mostly wander or have after school activities dominating their brains.

Some teachers make education their main priority and tend to be a bit strict, not interacting with students outside of their teaching gig, but there are some educators who really step up and help their students out when they notice that something needs to be given attention to.

These wonderful people are the ones that you remember long after you have graduated and can honestly say that they made a mark in your life, no matter how small it may be.

To honor a teacher you have had in high school, college or even your kid’s educator, we sincerely think they will appreciate this sweet bar necklace from Bestill.

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Detailed information about Teacher’s Day Bar Necklace

The rectangle pendant measures about 15 by 15 millimeters with a cute little illustration of a twig with leaves imprinted on it that perfectly complements the card it comes with, saying “Teachers plant seeds of knowledge that grow forever. Thank you for helping us grow”.

The necklace’s chain measures about 18 to 20 inches that can be adjusted, which makes it fit most sizes.


The dainty and minimalist design makes it perfect to wear every day and with any outfit

Affordable yet high quality

Stainless steel so you do not need to worry about the necklace tarnishing