Women Short Sleeve Tops I’m A Drop The F-Bomb Kind of Mom

Okay, maybe this shirt isn’t for every mom in your life, but we all instantly know of that special someone who would absolutely love it and could totally relate to it! There is nothing quite like letting the world know exactly what they can expect to come out of your mouth! Best of all, they can’t say you didn’t warn them.

As parents, we have all been there, and this funny Tee lets everyone know that they can expect some colorful conversation to ensue. They say kids say the darndest things well, so do mothers on occasion!

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Detailed information about Women Short Sleeve Tops I’m A Drop The F-Bomb Kind of Mom

Whether by accident or on purpose, every mother at some point has probably dropped the F-bomb in frustration (or really, really wanted to), but it takes a confident individual and a great mom to admit that fact and to wear it proudly! This T-shirt is the perfect gift for the unfettered mom who unwaveringly finds the everyday humor in being a parent and isn’t afraid to show it.

This stylish top comes with a crew neck and shorts sleeves and is perfect for warmer weather. The soft cotton blend of the material is of medium weight and will feel comfortable against your skin. The shirt is offered in two color combinations, burgundy with white lettering and gray with black lettering.

  • Made from a comfortable and soft cotton blend
  • Casual styling with crew neck and short sleeves
  • Comes in your choice of two fashionable colors