Sweet Poem From Daughter or Son – Frame

There is nothing like the joy of knowing that you are becoming a parent for the first time. From the announcement that a baby is on the way to the moment they take their first breath in this world is an overwhelming and wonderful feeling that is hard to describe unless you have felt it yourself.

Now that your little human bean is in your arms, your world suddenly changed overnight. From now on, you will be experiencing great joy, breakthroughs, some ups and downs with the new love of your life. He or she will look up to you for guidance, strength, and comfort.

To commemorate this, we think every new dad or father to need to be reminded of their role in their child’s life, and what better way to do this than by giving the new father a picture frame complete with a lovely message attached to it? We think this sleek, black photo frame with a heartfelt poem by Poetry gifts is an awesome and fitting gift.

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Detailed information about Sweet Poem From Daughter or Son – Frame

This 8 x 10-inch photo frame can fit a 4 by 6-inch photo of you and your baby together or simply just your baby’s photo. If he or she isn’t born yet, one of the ultrasound photos you have is also a perfect picture to place on the frame. The top part of the frame has a beautiful poem with a font that can be likened to a kid’s handwriting.


Simple yet touching

Good to hang on wall or place on desks or any surface