New Dad Gifts

There is so much excitement (and a lot of nerves!) when you become a new parent. While a lot of attention goes to new moms (and with good reason) new dads are going through a lot as well! To help him feel just as special, a great gift is a wonderful way to show your support for him as he starts on this exciting new journey with his wife and his new child. Feeling that support can make all the difference as you adjust to this new phase of life, and a thoughtful gift is just one way you can show your support! Are you unsure what the right gift is for a new dad? It can be tricky to figure out just the right thing, but we are here to help. Our new dad gift guide is filled with all sorts of fun and thoughtful gifts for him. If someone close to you is about to become a father, look through our gift list and see what you find!

10 Things to Consider When Buying a New Dad Gift

Searching for the perfect gift for a brand new dad? Be sure to keep these 10 things in mind while you shop to help you select just the right thing!

1. Get him something he can share with his new baby

It is important for fathers to bond with their new baby too, so a great gift idea is something he can use to bond with his new baby. This could be a specific book he could read to the baby, for example. It will make him feel special to having something that is specific to him that he can share and enjoy, so this makes for a perfect gift!

2. Humor is great

Becoming a parent is exciting, but let’s be honest, it can also be stressful! You can either choose to get upset, or you can choose to laugh about it! A funny gift can be just the thing to help relax an anxious new dad and put a smile on his face.

Remind him that no matter what, it’ll be okay! Go ahead and laugh and try to enjoy this priceless time in life as much as you can!

3. Let him build something

Fathers' love feeling needed, so a great gift idea is to get him something that he can help put together! Not only can he then enjoy it once it’s built, but he’ll be happy to have the opportunity to put it together for his family.

This could be a playhouse that baby can (eventually) use, or better yet something for the nursery like a nice rocking chair that both parents can use to sit with the baby.

4. Get him his own baby carrier

A lot of new dads think they will be fine to just hold their child in their arms, and that is great, but it can get tiring after a while! Instead, consider getting him his own baby carrier so that he can take the baby out with him and still be hands-free. It is convenient, comfy for baby, and helps him to bond!

This is a great new dad gift idea and something that is often overlooked when getting a baby shower gifts. Of course, you’ll get a stroller, and maybe a carrier for mom, but he can benefit from having his own as well!

5. Surprise him with a ‘new dad bag'

Whenever you leave the house with your baby, you have got to have your diaper bag with you. Filled with everything from diapers, to a change of clothes, formula, and more, you can’t leave home without it. Men can feel a little uncomfortable carrying around a feminine diaper bag, so a great gift idea is to get him his own bag!

There are plenty of manly backpack style diaper bags out there, and it is the perfect thing to surprise a new dad with. Sometimes it is best to have his and her items, and this is one of those times!

6. Consider getting him his own matching outfit

There are tons of clothing options out there to get for mom and baby, but there are also plenty of ideas for father and baby! This is a fun way to get him excited about his new role, plus it just looks adorable when he’s got his matching shirt with his new baby!

From sentimental styles to funny ones, there is a lot to choose from, and they all make for perfect gifts.

7. Think tech

If you are willing to splurge a little (or if you can get a joint gift by getting together with friends or family) consider getting him some new technology that will help him document all of the baby’s first moments!

This could mean an updated smartphone with a better camera, a dedicated digital camera, or even a video recorder to capture all of those priceless moments.

8. Get him some reading material

There are tons of great books out there on becoming a father and on parenting in general, and they make for great gifts for any new dad! Nothing can fully prepare you for becoming a parent, but books like these can help a lot!

This is great for any new dad who is feeling particularly anxious about becoming a parent. Put his mind at ease with some books that will help prepare him for anything and everything!

9. Energize him

The one thing all new dads have in common? They’re tired! Parenting is exhausting, there is no way to avoid that. You can never go wrong with getting him some caffeine-related products - he might appreciate those more than anything else! New coffee, a travel mug, or even a new coffee pot. No matter what, we can guarantee they will all be put to good use.

10. Show your support

Finally, no matter what gift you land on, understand that what is most important is that you are showing your support for him. Parenting is difficult, and having a great support system will help make it through difficult times. Make it known you are there for him, and that will mean more to him than any gift you could get him (although he’ll appreciate the gift, too!)

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Practical Gift for a New Dad? We Got You!

Becoming a father is one of the most exciting times in a guy’s life. There is so much responsibility involved, as well as so much excitement! Showing your support for him as well as the new mom is a great way to encourage both parents as they start on this new journey. After all, having both parents equally involved and excited is the best possible scenario for a happy family!

Oftentimes new dads worry that they won’t have a natural talent at being a parent, and that can cause them a lot of anxiety as the due date draws closer. Reality is though, they will be just fine! To help calm their nerves, a thoughtful gift just for them can help them relax and understand that they will be fine and that they aren’t going through this alone.

We think it is a great idea to get a gift for a man about to become a father as a way to make him feel special too. Help prepare him to be the best father ever by getting him a thoughtful gift! It is a great way to help get him excited at what is to come. Whether this is your sibling, a coworker, or a close friend, you should absolutely reach out and show your support for him.

How to Nail the Perfect Gift for a New Parent

For both parents, being a new parent can be scary! Having a baby is always a big life change, but especially so when it is your first child. Your life is about to change forever, in a good way! There isn’t really anything to prepare you for that change, but having the support of friends and family helps make the transition much easier and more exciting!

Fathers are notorious for not speaking up about how they feel but trust us, they are just as nervous too! A thoughtful gift can help them feel equally supported and help encourage them to open up if they need to. It is just one of many ways you can show that you are there for him as he starts this phase of his life.

Browse Our Gift Guide for 2019!

So, what do you get for a new dad? That’s a great question, and we’ve got the answer! We created this new dad gift guide for this exact occasion. It is filled with all sorts of gifts that are perfect to get for a new (or soon to be), dad. We covered a variety of interests as well as a variety of price points so that you can find the perfect thing, no matter who he is you are shopping for, and no matter your budget!

Check out our gift guide and see what you find - we are sure you’ll find the right thing in no time at all. What are you waiting for? Start shopping today!