Sterling Silver Friendship Necklace

If you are struggling with trying to think of something special yet sentimental to give to a special person who means a lot to you, you probably won’t have to look any further than this product. Supplied by EFYTAL, the Sterling Silver Friendship for Eternity Necklace is a gift you give to someone really special in your life. Whether the person is a best friend, your sister, a bridesmaid, girlfriend or spouse, this is a special gift to celebrate an eternal bond of love and friendship.

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Detailed information about Sterling Silver Friendship Necklace

The necklace is made from 925 Sterling Silver, they do not use nickel or lead in any of their items so it will definitely not turn a person’s skin green or make them itch. This is a good quality necklace consisting of a fine chain with two interlocking hoops to symbolize eternal friendship and love.

The chain is about 19.5” long so should fit just about everyone, but if necessary the supplier will be glad to make free length adjustments. This item is handcrafted with care and skill to show your friend that they are worth the best you can offer them. The necklace will definitely show a family member or any friend that you care for them. The manufacturer is so sure of the quality of this item that they are happy to offer a full 5-year guarantee on the chain and the hoops and they have excellent customer service too.


All parts of this necklace are made from 925 sterling silver and have been designed and made with care and love

They only use stainless steel or 14K gold on any of their products

This is a gift for the special someone who you will love forever