Star Trek Cork-Back Coaster Set

“Live long and prosper.” This is one of the most famous lines from Star Trek, a popular American TV series that graduated into a series of movies that are still being produced up to this day. It has become widely known to almost all generations since its inception because of its hyperspace technology and features the fictional future of the human race.

Due to the persistent popular demand of Star Trek fans, novelty items have started to spring out and many fans became collectors of said items. Whatever it may be, as long as it has the recognizable Star Trek theme to it, these fans will stop at nothing in collecting these coveted items from their favorite series. And with that, we can say that it is probably not out of the ordinary for a Star Trek fan to have an all-night marathon of Star Trek movies while enjoying a beer or two alone or with fellow fans. And if there is one thing we have in common with these enthusiasts, it is that beer or whatever cold beverage we choose to drink that day has the potential to get our tables wet.

And because of that, we all need this little handy invention called coasters. For the Star Trek devotee though, a simple coaster simply will not do. That is why you should give them this Star Trek Cork Back Coaster Set.

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Detailed information about Star Trek Cork-Back Coaster Set

This officially licensed coaster set comes in 4 pieces and has a modern yet retro feel to it. With its yellow and black colorway and simple illustrations of the Enterprise, Vulcan Hand Salute, Klingon and Command Badge, you will surely feel you are back in the past while also feeling as if you are in the future. Doesn’t make sense? That’s just how the Star Trek world works.


Officially licensed Star Trek Product

Comes in a Star Trek gift box

Perfect gift for Star Trek fans in all occasions