Sphinx Wine & Bottle Opener – 14K Gold Plated Corkscrew

Looking for a unique gift idea? Not sure what to get for the person that seems to have everything? Look no further. This sphinx wine and bottle opener is the perfect gift for anyone with a unique sense of style.

When not in use, this gift is a perfect decorative piece that will look great in anyone’s kitchen. The sleek black and gold color scheme is modern, yet could also easily fit in with a more traditional looking home. Certainly though, this is the perfect gift for someone (or for a couple) with flair.

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Detailed information about Sphinx Wine & Bottle Opener – 14K Gold Plated Corkscrew

This is especially a perfect gift idea for the cat lover in your life. If they love cats and love to drink wine- you have landed on the perfect gift idea! Best of all, the bottle opener is designed to be comfortable on the hand and easy to use. This isn’t just a great looking gift, it works great too.

If you know a couple that drinks both wine and beer, this is an excellent gift since it works as both a wine opener and a bottle opener. Perfect to give as a housewarming gift, or as a gift to bring to a dinner party, this is sure to get a lot of use.