Simplicity Super Soft Warm Plaid

This beautiful plaid patterned fleece blanket is the just what anyone needs to keep themselves warm. Whether you are watching your favorite show in a chilly evening or napping in the afternoon, or you out there in the woods camping or hunting, this super soft fleece blanket from Simplicity will be your best companion of all times.

The polar fleece blanket is not only stylish and cozy, but it has a sense of sophistication around it, and it will bring some level of luxury and style into any room in a home. It’s beautiful and elegant with unmatched quality. It’s ideal for the chilly nights to keep warm. This would be a perfect gift to a hunter to keep warm in style while in out there in a cabin. Who says you can’t look stylish while on a hunting mission? It’s also a great travel gear for people who travel a lot or love camping.

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Detailed information about Simplicity Super Soft Warm Plaid

This plush fleece blanket is available in of the most commonly used which is about 42"X60". It's a perfect size for a casual blanket ideal for throwing over when relaxing on the couch in the evening watching the TV or reading a favorite book. It can so be used as an additional layer of comfort in bed especially on one of those chilly nights during winter.

But this blanket is not only gorgeous. Its super soft and cozy. It is made of 100% polar fleece material which is soft and comfortable to the skin with a velvety feel. The material is not only breathable, but it also makes the blanket comfortably warm.


Made of 100% polar fleece material

Its super soft, cozy and warm

It's machine washable

It comes beautifully rolled in a lovely satin bow tie

The packable tie makes it easy to pack and travel-friendly