Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers

We all know that teenagers, especially girls, just love cute things. From their room décor, stationery items to the clothes they wear, best believe that they will definitely adorn themselves with the cutest stuff they can think of. But for obvious reasons, it is hard to be cute come winter time, and sometimes there are some days or nights that are just so much colder than the one before that, so you really have to bundle up and put on so many layers so that you will feel warm.

There may be a few pieces here and there one can put on that will make one look cute, but most of the time you really have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. But not anymore – with these adorable Toast Hand Warmers, you can keep on being cute while feeling toasty (pun intended) all day long!

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Detailed information about Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers

These fingerless mittens do not just keep warm because of its plush material – which is super comfortable by the way! - it also keeps warm because it is heated.

That’s right, these charming hand gloves are USB powered, so you can charge them up to maximum capacity and has three heat temperatures so you can adjust to your heart, or hand’s, desire.

The delightful indoor, or even outdoor, gloves are so easy to put on – simply slide your hands in and secure them on with the adjustable wrist straps at the bottom of the plush.


Not expensive

Soft, comfortable and easy to slip on

Hassle-free charging via USB cable

You can still use your hands despite its bulkiness