Smartest Dog Breeds: Ultimate List and the Info You Will Want to Know

Below are the smartest dog breeds you’ll find, as well as some important information about their behavior.

If there’s one thing to be said about all breeds of dogs, it’s that they can all express how smart they are. With that said, depending on the breed you choose, some are smarter than others and smart in different ways.

For example, some breeds are highly intelligent with performing duties due to genetics whereas others are smart because they want to please their owner.

Smartest Gog Breeds: Our List!

1. American Leopard Hound

The primary attribute of this dog breed is their intelligence, however, they are also very affectionate and loving. Their fierce loyalty also means that they are very protective of children in the family and are commonly seen as one of the oldest dog breeds in the United States.

A few other important details about American Leopard Hounds include:

  • Food Quality: High-quality food is required for this breed as there is a strong possibility for them to be overweight.
  • Grooming: Born with a double coat that is very dense, grooming is something that will need to be done weekly. You will also have to consider trimming their nails regularly to prevent cracking, as they are strong and fast-growing.
  • Training: As one of the few breeds that are very eager to please their owners, this breed is quite easy to train. They’re mostly known for being a scenthound as well as having immense agility, focus, and stamina.

2. Australian Cattle Dog

With a direct lineage that can be traced to the great Australian Dingo, Australian Cattle Dogs are incredibly intelligent and are one of the best breeds for herding.

They are also notorious for outsmarting their owners, which is something important that you’ll have to look out for while training.

Some other useful bits of information about this breed include:

  • Food Quality: Similar to other active dogs, Australian Cattle Dogs require high-quality dog food. As they are very active, they need to have a good selection of ingredients that meet their needs.
  • Grooming: Used to working outside, this breed typically doesn’t have any oily residue or odors, however, they do have a double-layer coat to protect them from the elements. Ideally, you may only need to brush your pet once weekly and give them an occasional bath. Beware of shedding season though, as they shed their undercoat twice yearly.
  • Training: As this breed is so intelligent, training as early as possible is mandatory, otherwise they will quickly become the ruler of the household. With Australian Cattle Dogs, they will require professional obedience training so they know to listen to their owners. It will also help to reign in their energy and agility when necessary.

3. Australian Shepherd

Also known as Aussies, Australian Shepherds are the type of dog that has a piercing gaze and a highly intelligent way of life. Deeply rooted in farm life, this breed has a strong impulse to herd anything from kids to birds.

With their incredibly energetic genes, this is not the type of breed for a sedentary pet owner, as they need an excessive amount of exercise. In addition, their intelligence is relatively unmatched and this is why this dog is on our smartest dog breeds list.

A few other tidbits of information about Aussies include:

  • Food Quality: When not exercised properly, Australian Shepherds are prone to obesity, so you will want to make sure they are consuming the appropriate amount of calories for their activity level. They require high-quality dog food and love treats when given in moderation.
  • Grooming: Aussies have some of the most beautiful coats out of all dog breeds, but they also require a lot of care. You will need to brush them two times weekly, depending on how long their coat is. They also go through a shedding season where you’ll need to use an undercoat rake up to three days weekly.
  • Training: Australian Shepherds require socialization and obedience training early, as they are not only active but also very intelligent. They have the tendency to get themselves into trouble, such as running away from their owners, if not trained properly. You will need to find a way to healthily channel their endless energy with training. In addition, this breed is highly protective of their property and will be territorial but are fiercely loyal to their owners.

4. Border Collie

If you’re searching for the smartest dog breeds, you surely need to consider Borders, as they are one of the smartest breeds in the world. With an athletic medium-build, they are destined for herding and you can simply see their intelligence in their eyes.

They’re one of the most balanced and agile dog breeds you can find as well. As one of the best breeds for agility training, they love obedience work and herding.

Some of the other traits of Border Collies include:

  • Food Quality: When choosing food for your Border Collie, you’ll want something that gives them enough calories to contribute to their highly active lifestyle. In addition, it is important to make sure you are choosing the correct food for their age.
  • Grooming: There are two different types of coats Border Collies have, one being a short and coarse coat and the other is medium-length and feathered. You’ll find that both types are rather weather-resistant and require brushing twice per week with a pin brush. When they are going through shedding season, you’ll need to brush their coats daily.
  • Training: In early puppyhood, you will need to expose your Border Collie to other people and pets. You will also want to consider obedience training before or just after 7 months of age and continue to train them over their lifetime. They love mental stimulation and require not only physical but also enough mental activity.

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of families that are searching for the perfect pet breed for their home and lifestyle. If you’re looking into the smartest dog breeds, you’re going to need to spend a lot of time training and learning about the breed you’re interested in.

Additionally, you will need to consider breeds that are safe around children and that won’t try to become the alpha in the household. With the right attention to detail, you can easily experience the true benefits of owning a smart dog.

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