SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball

What kind of gift would truly excite a basketball enthusiast?  The game itself of course! Well, if they can’t play the real game in the filed why not bring the action home and let them experience it like pros! We are talking about this pro mini basketball wall mount hoop from SKLZ. This one will be an absolute hit and a wonderful gift to a basketball lover.

This mini hoop does not only look like the real thing, but it will also give one just the same spirit and the feel of the game. In fact, with every hoop and shoot, one can actually hear the net swish when they hit its bottom. It even gets real with the pro-style replica graphics.

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Detailed information about SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop W/Ball

It's designed with a shatterproof background and a loop net that is extremely durable and can handle the swirl and the rush of a strong basketballer and the rough game of the kids. It is pretty easy and quick to assemble, and the kit comes complete with mounting hardware. Within just a few minutes, one will be able to shoot the ball and play anytime when the impulse strikes.


The Pro mini hoop is perfect for shooting hoops indoors and fits into small spaces

The hoop is durable and completely dependable

Allows one to play ball any time of the day or night

The hoop and the ball glow in the dark which means one can enjoy the play all night