‘Saturdays Are For The Boys’ Clip-On Golf Club Cover from Barstool Sports

Barstool Sports have made their “Saturdays Are For The Boys” line of sporting goods famous, and this golf club cover is one of the best items offered in the series. Any golfer would be very pleased to add this unique cover to their bag.

This fun cover is perfect for protecting the old golf clubs on a day out taking in 18 holes with the boys.

Done in SAFTBs traditional red, white and blue, this club cover is a fun and interesting way to take care of those precious woods in the golf bag!

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Detailed information about ‘Saturdays Are For The Boys’ Clip-On Golf Club Cover from Barstool Sports

PU (or polyurethane) leather is also extremely durable and will take punishment in stride, like those unexpected rainstorms when stranded on the back nine.

It is designed in the signature red, white and blue of the SAFTB product line, and includes the Barstool Sports logo on either side.

The measurements of this product are 13.5 inches long by 6.5 inches in width, more than generous enough for protecting even those large size woods that are so popular with today’s players.


Designed and made in the traditional red, white and blue colors of the SAFTB (Saturdays Are For The Boys) product line by Barstool Sports

This golf club cover is an official product of Barstool Sports SAFTB line of sporting goods

SAFTB club cover is made from super durable and environmentally friendly PU faux leather