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Psych: The Complete Series Limited Edition Set

Sometimes we get lost in the endless sea of new tv shows that are easily accessible to us that we forget about the good ones from the past. The REALLY good ones – like Psych. This comedy-drama is easily one of the most popular and loved shows on cable TV since its debut back in 2006, so just the thought of the ‘Psych: The Complete Series Limited Edition set’ existing is too good to be true.

But it does exist, and you won’t need any amount of sleuthing or detective work to uncover just how much stuff is included in this set. Leave it to Psych to provide you with all the detective activities and entertainment.

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Detailed information about Psych: The Complete Series Limited Edition Set

An amazing birthday gift for hardcore fans of the show and even for ones who haven’t seen it, as it includes ALL episodes and a whole lot more. Reliving the crazy and fun moments on Psych as well as getting to know more about the show through the tons of extra features makes this set an impressive gift for a fan’s special day.

The set includes 31 discs containing all 119 episodes as well as a ton of bonus features such as: Psych, the Musical (yes, the whole musical is included in this set!), extended and deleted scenes, audio, video and podcast commentaries, a peek inside the writers room, the international pilot episode and James Roday’s audition tape (he plays Shawn Spencer, one of the leads).


Absolutely worth the money for all of the extra features that come with it aside from all of the episodes included

No commercials!

Limited edition

Has subtitles