Pretty Simple Plaid Button Blanket Scarf

Most women love to wear a shawl when the weather starts to get chilly and the wind starts to bite. In cold weather, there is nothing quite like smothering yourself inside a warm chunky button up shawl designed to keep the biting wind from finding its way through a coat or a jacket and chilling you to the core. If the weather starts out cold and you go out in your button up shawl and then the sun comes out and the wind drops, some people like to wear a scarf or a cape.

Wouldn’t it be great if all three of these garments were combined into one? It would certainly save money in the outdoor clothes rail in your local garment store and it will certainly save space in your closet if you had one garment that takes the place of three.

This shawl from Pretty Simple is exactly that piece of clothing and ticks all the boxes.

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Detailed information about Pretty Simple Plaid Button Blanket Scarf

The shawl is large and even oversize, in fact, perfect for keeping warm and snug on a cold winter’s morning. You can wear this with just about any outfit and keep protected and stay warm. The buttons are made from real wood and will make this plaid scarf completely different from other scarves on the market.

It comes in four classic and simple plaid color schemes which means there will probably be a shawl for just about any outfit you decide to wear.


Lovely plaid blanket shawl

Comes in four different plaid color schemes

100% acrylic

As warm and as soft as cashmere