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Pokemon GO Power Bank

For those who never stop looking for Pokémons everywhere, thanks to Pokémon Go, this Pokémon Go Power Bank will make a fun and practical keepsake.

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As if the Pokémon rage is not enough, the whole world is now going all crazy for the fun and addictive Pokémon Go. It’s almost a year and the Pokémon Fever is still on. With all the Pokémon-phobia going haywire, chances are you have a kid that is crazy for them too. Pokémon Go is fun and definitely addictive, something every Pokémon fanatic could go with all day along. Unfortunately, smartphones run on battery and even with all the technological advancement, phones are nothing but some object with things inside without a battery. Go on for a few hours and before you know it, the battery goes dead. Well, not anymore!