Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit – The Complete Kit

The Bonsai Starter kit from Planters choice will interest someone who likes Bonsai trees.

This starter kit would be making a perfect gift to your grandma, and it will without keep her preoccupied.

Alternatively, you can give this Planters Choice kit to your kids and witness the joy and wonder on their faces as they marvel at the growth as the seeds sprout up.

But why is this Bonsai Starter kit a worth purchase and an ideal gift for a loved one? The kit is all about Bonsai trees and watching the trees come out beautifully.

This is a complete starter kit that will guide one especially a starter on how to easily grow four different Bonsai trees right from their seeds.

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Detailed information about Planters’ Choice Bonsai Starter Kit – The Complete Kit

Everything needed to grow the trees comes in this box which contains 4 different types of organic seeds.

The seeds include Rocky Mountain Bristlecone Pine, Norway Spruce, Flame tree and black Poui.

The seeds come safely packaged in secure seed-safe vials to ensure that they reach the destination in an excellent condition for better germination.

Inside the kit, you will find large biodegradable growing pots, four of them.

They are the perfect ones for seed starting, and even someone who has never grown seed in their entire life can use these pots without challenges.


Everything needed to grow Bonsai trees

Comes with a compressive guide

The 4 trees in this kit can be planted and kept outdoors indoors

Perfect for beginners