Piper Computer Kit

What is needed, if kids are going to be encouraged to experiment and understand the basics of programming and computers in general, is something that lends itself to experimentation and is almost impossible to damage by connecting a component in the wrong place.

It is no use waiting until the kids are at High School age before they start learning about computer hardware and programming, kids need to be playing with and experimenting with computers at a very early age, and they should be learning to program with an end result in mind too, something to encourage them with a reward at the end of it.

The Piper Computer Kit is just such a plaything.

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Detailed information about Piper Computer Kit

It presents computers as something to play with and experiment on and by so doing, it allows the child’s mind to understand how the technology works so that it can be looked upon as something simple and easy to play with, just like learning to read and write or learning about numbers.

The entire kit comprises a wooden computer case into which the final device will be fitted; an LCD display fitted into the case; Rasberry Pi 3 Project Board; 1GB RAM; 1200 MHz quadcore CPU; 8GB SD Card to store game progress and the child’s creations; Cables to connect components; 6600mAh Powerbank; Various electronic gadgets including lights, buzzers, switches etc; 8sqft laminated assembly blueprint; USB mouse; Rasberry Pi edition of Minecraft; WiFi adapter.

The entire kit enables the youngsters of today to learn about computers, how they work and what they are capable of. Without this kind of stimulation, we will lose the next generation of computer innovators and our technology may stagnate.


Contains everything that a child will need to assemble a basic computer

Comes with a learning system for coding and building extra electronic circuits

Suitable for kids aged approximately 8 to 13 years