Picnic Time Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Set

This set is the ideal gift for the person who has everything and enjoys a good martini. This beautiful libation set from Picnic Time holds everything necessary to mix a great drink on the go.

A great gift for the camper or someone who is a diehard fan and lives for tailgating before the game.

This camper gift set comes with eight essential pieces for being a great host and an efficacious bartender.


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Detailed information about Picnic Time Manhattan Insulated Two-Bottle Cocktail Set

Inside the rich-looking leatherette case, there is a set of ice tongs, an ice strainer, and a cocktail shaker, all of which are made of durable stainless steel.

There are a combination spoon/fork stirrer and a vermouth mister for that “extra dry” touch.

Additionally, there are two stainless steel olive picks for finishing off a martini like a pro.

And of course, to serve the perfect martini you need the perfect glass, and included are two martini glasses that have been hand-blown and hold 7 ounces each.


Comes complete with everything needed to take the bar along

Great for camping, glamping, and tailgating among other things

Eight pieces all packaged in a handsome case with extra room for 2 bottles of liquor