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Twine Boulevard Newlywed’s Anniversary Wooden Wine Box

As always, when gifting someone, the idea is to ensure you choose unique and meaningful gifts. The items have to match the specific occasion and relate to the recipient’s interests. For anniversaries, you want to get something they can keep for years and get to use it as some point in their new lives.

This wine box is a suitable gift for newlyweds or those about to start celebrating their first anniversary. The box is designed to fit wine bottles for the couple to enjoy as the anniversary dates come each year. It is unique and will surely impress a friend that is getting married.

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Detailed information about Twine Boulevard Newlywed’s Anniversary Wooden Wine Box

The wine box is designed to hold three standard size wine bottles. One needs to add fine wine into the compartments, and the couple can enjoy as each year passes. The design allows shutting the compartments using brass latches and faux leather accents. These details add style to the plain wooden box making it a decorative piece.