Northwind Supply Custom Leather Keychain

As they say, the smallest things indeed take the largest part of our hearts. Whether or not you agree to this phrase, there is some truth in it. Getting someone a gift could be a small gesture that will most likely put a smile on their face and possibly makes their day.

One beautiful item that could work as a small yet meaningful gift is this keychain from Northwind Supply. It allows personalization which makes it unique for the recipient. Also, it is a piece they can keep and see every day as they go about their daily activities.

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Detailed information about Northwind Supply Custom Leather Keychain

The keychain is made of 100 % leather which is thick and substantial. It is designed to last a long time with minimal care. The leather comes with a beautiful natural grain which makes each keychain unique. One can customize the keychain by adding a name or initials of the recipient. As long as the letters are within the ten character limit, it should work fine.

The keychain measures about 4. 5 inches with it snapped. This is a perfect size for a small bunch of keys or to add it to another keychain. It has a quality ring attached to it where one can fit keys. The best part is that the keychain comes in different colors for you to choose from. That makes this suitable for people that love style and detail.