No Bitchin’ in my Kitchen – Black Door/Wall Sign

If you are lucky enough to have this little bit of signage in your kitchen, the next time someone complains about what’s on the menu, all you need to do is point and smile!

No Bitchin’ in my Kitchen is the perfect way to let those picky eaters know that their opinion is not needed nor is it allowed! Maybe they should Just sit down and enjoy the meal. Even though it is all in good fun, it can’t hurt to let them know that this isn’t a short order kitchen.

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Detailed information about No Bitchin’ in my Kitchen – Black Door/Wall Sign

At 6 inches by 9.5 inches, this demure sign is just the right size for hanging on a door or on the wall next to the stove.  The guests will get the message that you won’t listen to them complain about the evening fare!

This wall hanging is made of one-quarter inch unfinished clear maple that has been laser cut and then sanded smooth. The edge has also been delicately laser engraved for a beautiful decorative touch. The front of the plaque is then printed with black ink using the negative space to relay your important message about your kitchen!


Small size makes this perfect for hanging on any door
Made from raw sturdy and unfinished maple wood
Laster printed and laser engraved around the edges