The 3 Most Beneficial Types of Tea for Your Body & Mind

Tea is more than a drink that can keep you warm on a winter’s day or cool in the summer with a little bit of ice, it’s something that can completely transform your blood sugar levels, how your body digests food, and more. There are dozens of different types of tea in the world that incorporate plenty of different flavors, some for pure enjoyment, and others that have health boosting properties. No matter if you’re trying to lose weight, improve your digestive system, or simply trying to find something to substitute coffee, these three types of tea are the most beneficial.

How to Properly Prepare Tea

If you’ve never enjoyed a cup of tea before, you’re most likely in the dark when it comes to preparing one properly. Even though you might assume that pouring a bunch of hot water in a mug and simply dipping a teabag into the liquid is enough to receive all of its benefits, you’d be quite wrong. In fact, the average steeping time for any tea is 10 to 15 minutes and this gives all of the leaves enough time to push their nutrients into the water.

Ideally, you’re going to want to add boiling water into a mug and place 1 or 2 teabags into the mug, depending on the type of tea you have and the strength you prefer. Make sure to not drink the tea right away because burning hot liquids will not only burn your tongue, but completely eradicate the point of making healthy tea in the first place. If you find that you’re not a fan of the otherwise bitter taste of traditional teas such as green tea or chai tea, you can always add natural sweeteners.

preparing tea

Another great way to make tea, especially during the summer months, is to cool it down entirely so it’s a refreshing beverage. There are two ways to make your own ice tea, either to prepare a cup of warm tea and add ice cubes, or to steep an entire jug the night before. To get more of the flavor and nutrients out of your tea, it’s recommended to fill a jug with cold water and a few tea bags, placing it into the fridge to chill and steep overnight. You can then add great flavors such as lemon and honey to make it more of a refreshing summery drink.

The Different Types of Healthy Teas

Below are three of the best teas you can have for various health purposes.

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger is a root that is delicious and used in a wide variety of recipes ranging from cookies to tea. Its natural health benefits are what truly help to make it something that you should be consuming on a daily basis, such as assisting with nausea, ulcers, and getting over the common cold. Ginger is an ingredient that has also been used in ancient Chinese medicine for hundreds of years, as it helps to improve your hot energy and Yang.

ginger tea benefits

When you start to drink ginger tea, you’re immediately going to notice that any stomach discomfort is alleviated throughout the day, especially if you’ve been suffering from irritable bowel syndrome or general indigestion. Ginger is also a great ingredient for helping to monitor your blood sugar levels, which is essential for helping your body to burn calories and shed fat much faster.

With that being said, it is always important that everything you consume is done in moderation, as drinking too much ginger tea can cause adverse effects such as heartburn and stomach upset. As it’s typically seen as a spicy root, it will emulate the effects of eating spicier foods.

2. Chamomile Tea

In today’s day and age, it’s far too often for people to be suffering from a lack of sleep and/or insomnia. Stress is also a huge mental issue that can wreak complete havoc on your body if you don’t begin to pay attention to your stress levels throughout the day. However, with the help of chamomile tea you can avoid the dangerous effects of stress and a lack of sleep, such as heart disease, migraines, and a low immune system.

chamomille tea benefits

Chamomile tea is created from flowers and herbs that contain an ingredient known as chrysin, which is responsible for helping to regulate sleep patterns. There have been plenty of studies around this particular type of tea that have proven a single cup a day can help to improve calmness, alertness, and sleepiness at the right times.

Aside from its soothing and calming effects, chamomile tea is also phenomenal for providing anti-inflammatory properties, which can be quite beneficial for women dealing with their menstrual cycle or individuals suffering from inflammation of their muscles or migraine headaches.

3. Rosehip Tea

If you’re a fan of fresh and floral flavors, you’re going to absolutely fall in love with rosehip tea, as it’s easily one of the most luxurious herbal teas you can get your hands on. Not only does it taste great, but it also brings a wide variety of health benefits to your body, including the perfect amount of vitamin C to help ward off illnesses and to combat the common cold.

rosehip tea

Rosehip tea is also packed with antioxidants, which are responsible for fighting free radicals in your system. Free radicals are responsible for forcing the body to contract many different types of illnesses and are responsible for the development of cancer. As a great detoxifying agent, you’ll quickly begin to feel your body becoming stronger, more alert, and healthier with a single cup of rosehip tea per day.

As an added benefit, those suffering from acne and other skin conditions can benefit from rosehip as well, whether it’s consumed or if it’s applied topically. Its antibacterial and detoxifying properties are great for getting rid of impurities on the skin and improving its overall moisture and texture.

Finding the perfect tea is easier than you think, especially with such a diverse amount of flavors to choose from. If you’re on a mission to become a healthier and better version of yourself, herbal teas are exactly what you should be looking for.

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