I Love You Hand Stamped Lure

Let the fisherman in your life take you with them while they fish! A perfect way to say I Love Youwhen you cant be there to say it yourself. This fun and functional gift is perfect for reminding the angler in your life that you love them. The O.RIYA company has created a truly memorable, multipurpose lure. The lure is available in Greyand White.The Grey is based on a Coloradostyle spinner blade. This design ensures it will create a rotation, sound, and lift suitable for shallow-water fishing.

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Detailed information about I Love You Hand Stamped Lure

Made of silver plated stainless steel, it also provides excellent reflection and flash, perfect for attracting sight-feeding fish in clear or murky water. It also features a functional and removable, snap swivel and treble hook. The White is based on a Willowspinner design, making a good choice for deeper water fishing. It also features a removable treble hook. With their removable hardware, both lures allow your angler to customize them based on conditions and/or preference. Each lure can be used alone, or as a part of any number of inline spinner setups, in both fresh and shallow salt waters.