IPIC – “Heart in Heart” Personalized Artwork with Names

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your significant other on your anniversary? How about something for that certain someone to commemorate a special day, a warm feeling, or an important life-event? This canvas-mounted personalized photo is the perfect way for you to say “You’re special!”, “I love you” or “I care”.

The first step is to choose your favorite photograph from the selections available in the gallery, and then you add your own personal touches with individual names and dates, allowing you to make your gift as special as the person that you are buying it for. This art piece is truly unique, making it a one of a kind offering and perfect for celebrating that special person and/or event in your life!

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Detailed information about IPIC – “Heart in Heart” Personalized Artwork with Names

There are several different photographic themes from which you can choose. These encompass things such as street scenes, vacation destinations, nature, animals, as well as a few more abstract designs, all of which are ideal for creating the perfect backdrop prior to adding your own unique names and dates.

Additionally, each photo has the option of being ordered already set in a beautiful quality black frame with an inner silver accent line for a polished and professional finish. You may also elect to have the mounted canvas professionally inserted into a frame of your own choosing once you receive it. Either way, framed or unframed, it is a beautiful addition to any room and is sure to be a centerpiece of conversation and attention for years to come.

  • There are several different photographic themes from which you can choose
  • The high-quality photograph is printed on art canvas
  • The product is coated with an acrylic topcoat
  • There are several sizes of canvases