SONGDU Men’s Ultra-Thin Quartz Analog Watch

As much as people will have a hard time choosing a male gift, there is the option of going simple with a watch. Men’s styles are simple to predict, and a simple black strap watch would do the trick. On this note, the style details do not have to stop you from getting the ideal one for the men in your life.

This black analog watch is an excellent example of a simple gift one can choose for a man. It is designed to suit most men regardless of personal styles and preferences. It can be a gift for a birthday, anniversary, promotion or any other day you wish to appreciate a man.

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Detailed information about SONGDU Men’s Ultra-Thin Quartz Analog Watch

The watch is ideal for men that choose the minimalistic style and love to go slow on jewelry. It comes in a matte black shade for the entire piece. The watch has a leather strap which adds on to the simple yet elegant detail. It has a Japanese Quartz Movement which is known for its stability and accurate timing.

The mineral glass has a smooth look, is scratch resistant and withstands expected wear and tear. The band comes in natural leather which makes it comfortable to wear the watch each day. It is water resistant and easy to adjust for a perfect fit. The watch withstands brief immersion in water and splashes such as rain droplets.