Men’s Ninja Element of Stealth T-shirt

Tee shirts can be worn by just about anyone, from the coolest of guys in the ‘Most Popular’ set at High School to the brainiest nerd. This is one of those tee shirts designed specifically for the Nerd, although it is suitable for the ‘Cool Guy’ as well.

The “Ninja Element of Stealth” Tee Shirt from Crazy Dog Tee Shirts is one of the types of tee shirts that we have come to expect from Crazy Dog. All their gags, slogans and images are unique to their products and you can always guarantee that the slogan will be something easy to wear. This tee shirt is sized for men (but if a woman wants the same slogan then she should look into the appropriate selling page “For Women”).

The letters making up the word ‘Ninja’ have been cleverly placed into boxes that look like the boxes found in the Chemical Periodic Table of Elements. Although there is an element of science in the gag it doesn’t mean that a non-scientist won’t get the joke. The gag will suit just about anyone.

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Detailed information about Men’s Ninja Element of Stealth T-shirt

As with all Crazy Dog tee shirts, there is a good selection of different colors to choose from and in this case, the purchaser can choose from six different colors. As with all good quality tees, the garment is made with 100% preshrunk cotton so the wearer doesn’t have any nasty shocks when they come to wear the tee after laundry day.

The tee shirts are a slim fit so if in doubt always order a size slightly larger than you would expect to wear. The sizes are not only the usual ones, but Crazy Dog also caters for the outsize person too.


This is a real Crazy Dog tee shirt with the top-notch quality provided by the company

The nerdy scientific slogan will appeal to just about everyone, not just the nerds

Six different colors to choose from