Lucky Feather Birthday Bracelet

Your birthday – the one time in a year where you are absolutely the star of the show and when you can do whatever it is you want to do. Want to eat ice cream for breakfast, in bed? You absolutely can, it’s your birthday! Want to play hooky at work and just hang out with your favorite people? We do not suggest skipping work, but as we said, it is your birthday! And for that dear someone in your life’s special day, we are sure you would want them to feel extra loved and appreciated when that time comes, just as you did.

Aside from doing the things they love on that day, you can give them a very simple yet touching gift that will make them tear up a bit. We absolutely think that they will love this Love Heart bracelet from Lucky Feather.

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Detailed information about Lucky Feather Birthday Bracelet

This dainty bracelet that has beads dipped in 14k gold is a great little token that will become an everyday staple in their outfits. Because of its simple yet modern and minimalistic design, this adjustable piece of jewelry that can fit most wrist sizes is a fitting accessory to a simple getup of just denim jeans and a comfortable tee, or even a formal dress, business suit or anything else that they would wear every day.



Nickel-free so you do not have to worry about skin irritation

Classy and minimal design