13 Inch Pu Leather Small Suitcase/Floral Decorative Box

Have you or your loved one ever stood in the luggage section of a major airport and watched as the boring black suitcases travel around and around the carousel without anyone picking them up? Is it because they can’t tell the difference between their luggage and everyone else’s or is it because they are embarrassed at how boring their luggage really is?

Don’t become lost in a sea of boring and black suitcases at the airport, if you give this floral style luggage to friends or family then they will be sure to stand out amongst a black sea. This luggage is great for travel as it is instantly recognizable as your luggage unless there is someone else with exactly the same pattern! If your wife or girlfriend goes away with you on business then you can be sure that she has organized multi-patterned luggage for both of you.


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Detailed information about 13 Inch Pu Leather Small Suitcase/Floral Decorative Box

It doesn’t matter if the traveler intends to have a quick overnight stay, a weekend trip to the spa or maybe even a long international flight. The designs are so chic and contemporary that it would be perfect for a sport’s team to carry their change of outfit to meetings or dance teams to carry their gear to venues.

Every suitcase is checked fully before shipping to the customer and the seller takes photos and videos of the condition of the case when dispatched.

The seller supplies thirteen different colors and styles in suitcase so there is a good chance that there will be one on the website you can choose from. Each suit case has its own unique pattern or color strap in case you wanted to buy different colors for different people and each one comes with a regular hand grip as well as a shoulder strap.


This Polyurethane suitcase lined with matching polyester is a perfect gift for someone who likes travelling

This suitcase is a handy size suitable for an overnight stop when you don’t really want to travel with a big case