Jump Start Germination Station

Create a mini-greenhouse for your plants to grow in a sustainable environment with the Hydrofarm Germination Station! Thanks to Hydrofarm, you can have full control of the growing environment to help plants flourish. This is a perfect kit for the space-cramped gardener in your life to start seeds indoors.

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Detailed information about Jump Start Germination Station

Get close to nature and enjoy watching your seeds grow before your eyes all year round in a sustainable ecosystem specially designed for your plants. Now help sprout your seeds in a much efficient environment-friendly setting and well protected from all the outside elements and changing temperatures that pose a threat to your valuable plants. The Germination Kit provides a safe haven for your plants to prosper with better and efficient humidity control to make sure they get the ideal setting to get growing the old-fashioned way. It keeps the temperature controlled to create the best possible environment.