Jelly Belly Tabasco Flavored Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly

The holidays are almost here, and that means endless parties, merrymaking, and gifts. But we all know that holidays are not yet over without elephant parties. As crazy as they come, elephant gifts are the highlight of holiday celebrations and make fond memories thereafter. The trick for shopping for a white elephant gift is to get the funniest and most unique gift. If it becomes useful, that would be a plus.

This Tobasco Flavored jelly beans from Jelly Belly is a perfect white elephant gift or stocking stuffer for your friends and loved ones. It might be a silly game, but the jelly beans are so spicy and delicious, the receiver will thank you later for this tasty treat. It’s unique and deliciously spicy treat. It’s a gourmet taste with a spicy, delicious Tobasco flavor that is simply hard to forget. In fact, the only way to describe these delicious jelly beans is that the taste is sweetly addictive and anyone who ends up with this gift will savor these jelly beans to the very last one.


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Detailed information about Jelly Belly Tabasco Flavored Jelly Beans by Jelly Belly

The Tabasco flavored jelly beans come packaged in a 1.5-ounce bottle which is beautifully shaped like an actual hot sauce bottle. This makes it the perfect packaging for the delicious jelly beans and you can actually give it out as a gift just as it is, or stuff it in a Christmas stocking. The bottle is well shaped and can be used to control the portions of the jelly bean. Additionally, the bottle is re-closable, and so it can be used to keep the remaining candies fresh with the tight resealable cap.

They are fit for vegetarians, and what more you will not have to worry about allergy reactions. But what makes these spicy jelly beans a perfect treat is the fact they only have about 4 calories per bean, and so one can eat them guilt free. They will enjoy all these spiciness and hot sweetness without worrying about weight or health complications. In addition, the jelly beans are also OU kosher.


The jelly beans are seasoned with real Tobasco seasonings

Packaged in a beautiful bottle shaped like an actual hot sauce bottle

The bottle is re-closable

The jelly beans are dairy free, gluten free, fat-free and OU Kosher