Hyde Cleaning Glove

If you are a painter, a DIYer, a hobbyist, or even just a handyman, chances are at some point you have made a big mess. There’s paint everywhere, dirt all over the house, your stuff is filled with grime, and tools get greasy. Cleaning up can be tiring so sometimes we just leave our mess be and not even do anything about it. If we do decide to start cleaning it up, we try using brushes, chemicals, abrasives and other stuff that may not always necessarily work to get the job done. Wouldn’t you wish there was a way to make cleaning much easier? Interestingly, there’s a way. We at that Sweet Gift want to show you the Hyde Cleaning Glove!

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Detailed information about Hyde Cleaning Glove

The Hyde Cleaning glove is not an ordinary glove you put on for protection, it is the actual cleaning tool. The way Hyde has been designed is you do not need to use any harsh chemicals. All you simply need is some water or maybe some occasional mild dish soap. Basically, think of Hyde like a Mr. Clean Magic Clean Eraser except it isn’t a Mr. Clean Eraser, it’s a glove. Hyde can easily remove oil and latex based paints, caulk, adhesive, grease, dirt, and grime. It can easily be used and stored for up to 6 months of continuous use before needing to be replaced with a new pair. Hyde is completely 100% Eco-friendly. Hyde is also child safe, odor-free, machine washable and dryer safe. Once done using Hyde simply rinse it, wash it and then easily store for later usage. In some ways, you could even say this glove performs miracles!