How to Fall Asleep Fast: the 3 Techniques that Really Do Work!

Sleep, an inherent ability that basically allows us to recover energy and also find our centers, is one of the most popular activities or pastime (literally) practiced by people.

It usually occurs for hours at a time, which entails your eyes closed, your breathing regulated, your body still, due to your relaxed muscles, and lastly, your consciousness more or less suspended. If that’s a bit too long for you, we can likewise call it nirvana, a state where there is no sense of self, which also completely sums everything up.

So yes, sleeping is great, seeing as it rejuvenates our bodies too. But how do you fall into that state faster—so as to get more downtime is the question that’ll be answered here.

The capacity to speed up the body’s advance into the arms of Morpheus is a piece that you’ll enjoy. Simply put, you can get much more out of your sessions of sleep if you can only get there faster.

Try the 4-7-8 Technique

The 4-7-8 technique is simple, easy to incorporate into your sleeping sessions, and can be used in any position that you feel comfortable in. It goes like this;

4-7-8 Technique

Step 1: Position the tip of your tongue behind your upper row of teeth, just parallel to your hard palate. And make sure it remains there for the duration of the exercise.

Step 2: Breath out through your mouth whilst making sure you produce a swish or whoosh sound. This is a form of practice for what will come.

Step 3: As soon as you’ve gotten the hang of Step 2, close your mouth and silently inhale whilst counting to 4.

Step 4: Do not exhale—rather hold that air/position to a count of 7.

Step 5: When you’re done counting to 7, you can then release your breath, meanwhile making an internal count of 8, and also making a swish sound upon every exhale.

Note: All of this is just a simple technique to be practiced in a single breath. Until you sleep or you’re feeling its grasp effects, keep on repeating the steps above.

The technique helps your body relax through the manipulating of oxygen in the body, and hence slowing down the heart (a typical occurrence during sleep).

Try denying your need for sleep

Keep reminding yourself that you do not need any sleep, whilst making use of some methods to actually put you out.

Our first recommendation is counting your breath, which essentially just gives your mind a job to do. In other words, a form of distraction which basically tricks your brain, when you consider the earlier command that “You will not sleep”. It is simple, doesn’t have to be audible, and it’s natural, only with a slight modification (the counting).

To pull this off though, make sure you’re in a comfortable position with your spine and arms straight.

Alternatively, you can try visualization, which is also efficient. There’s nothing holding you back here—though, we can give you an example that we practice. Paint a picture of any place calming to you in your mind. You can create rain, and put yourself in a mini-you body to play outside, or you could imagine you’re in a lush forest, with a stream running through, and from an owl’s hooting to a frog’s croaking, try to paint, with as much detail as possible. And as you go further and further, you won’t even know when you’re out.

Hum to Yourself

It’s a yoga meditation trick that’s particularly useful when you’re wanting sleep also. To do this, lie down in a comfortable position, whilst keeping your body relaxed (especially your face).

yoga humming

Keep your mouths closed also, and gently breath out and keep humming continuously. When you’re doing this, think of how a bee would do it and you can likewise visualize its wings, slowed down. Also, try not to stress yourself, just softly produce the sound, and it’ll help calm your mind, hence, eases the sleeping process.

Tips for Falling Asleep Faster

Play a soft tune whenever you want to sleep since it actually relaxes your body and mind. Though, do make sure that any music of your choice has between 60-80 beats per minute.

Use lavender with aromatherapy, since the scent actually promotes deep slumber. In fact, coupled with the other tips and the techniques above, activities are lessened considerably, and in turn, you get to sleep faster.

laavender for sleeping

Reduce the room temperature and also, darken your bedroom to fasten the process of sleeping. When your body is cool, your body’s biological temperature is easily regulated.

Do moderate training hours before you sleep and also avoid taking naps. When you have no juice left in the tank as at the time you want to sleep, you won’t even notice when you doze off.

Put on your socks before you go to bed since it prevents cold feet, which might even wake you up as you slumber.


There are many techniques and tips out there that you can consider, but the three above are some of the most efficient ones that you can integrate into your system.

Hence, do try to employ and master them and you’ll save time, whilst also be better rested on every wake.

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