Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger

This is a ‘Man Bag’ that will manage to hold just about all the stuff that men have to normally carry about in their pockets. There is nothing feminine about this bag, it is fully functional and practical in all its aspects. This messenger satchel from Gearonic is all that anyone would want in a bag.

Inside there is one large strapped compartment with four smaller inner compartments just right for the smaller items that the owner doesn’t want to get lost. The large compartment is big enough to carry a laptop, notebook computer or a large screen tablet computer. It is made from high-quality canvas with a leather cover and a handle for strength and water resistance. The shoulder strap is made from the same sturdy canvas that the bag is made from and its ends have been reinforced with leather.

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Detailed information about Genuine Leather Canvas Messenger

This , would make the perfect gift for the man in your life. It doesn’t matter whether he is your son that needs a book bag for school or college or somewhere to keep and carry his laptop.

It could be your husband or partner who needs a sturdy bag in which to carry his notes and files for work or something to sling over his shoulder when he cycles into work.


Strong and sturdily made from high-quality canvas and leather

Enough room inside for a notebook, laptop or tablet computer as well as wallet, phone and all the other bits and pieces that we accumulate but have to be carried around