Vivivalue Handmade Boho Flower Headband

One of the details that spice up any party is the inclusion of flowers. They not only make it beautiful for the attendees but also create an ambiance that everyone will love. Now, how about the extra flowers that girls like to use as headbands? These are beautiful as outfit boosters and elements to spice up the event.

On this note, those that do not like natural flowers for headband could choose these from Vivi Value. They are designed to look just like the natural ones but with the added comfort to wear them all day or night long. These flowers can be gifts for flower girls, teens and women of any age depending on the event.

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Detailed information about Vivivalue Handmade Boho Flower Headband

The flowers are made of quality silk material with an extension silk band to tie it around the head. They come in different colors to match the various themes and outfits for the event. These flowers measure about 16.5 cm which is a perfect size for both kids and adults. More to this, the ribbon acts as the adjusting piece to suit different head sizes and still bring out the style.

The flower headband can be used for different occasions including baby showers, weddings, beach events, etc. These can be beautiful accessories for a flower themed party. The best thing is that they can be reused for a long time with the right care. They are the perfect solution for people that are allergic to natural flowers or those that cannot stand the smell.