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Flower Girl Gift Puzzle Invitation

When planning a wedding, one of the most critical stages is asking friends and family to be part of your big day. This not only applies to bridesmaids and groomsmen but also the little girls that spice up every moment. But, while choosing the invitation, it has to be something they can cherish and enjoy having.

Kids love puzzles, and this can be a great idea incorporating a puzzle in an invitation. How about this flower girl gift puzzle that the little girls will have fun assembling? It is designed to ask girls to be flower girls for the wedding and come in handy when planning for one.

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Detailed information about Flower Girl Gift Puzzle Invitation

The puzzles have an exciting design that the girls will love. First, the colors are bright which include a white background, splashes of flower detail and gold glitter border. This adds a wedding theme and style to the puzzles making them ideal for the invitations. The puzzles measure 6 inches by 6 inches after assembly and consist of 16 fragments.

One thing that stands out with the puzzles is the option to customize each puzzle. One can add the specific name of the flower girl. In the order, you only need to quote all the names clearly to have each puzzle in the particular name. Also, you can opt to add a signature line where you could sign or note down your name when sending the puzzles out.