I Can’t Say I Do Without You | Set of 7 Wine Bottle Labels

We all agree that planning a wedding can be a nerve-wracking experience. Despite all the hassles you have to go through, the aim remains to enjoy your big day and getting married to the one you love. In the planning process though, you have to deal with choosing your bridesmaids. It can be a hard choice especially if you have a few friends around you.

But, you could try a thoughtful idea of sending them wine with labels asking them to be part of your big day. These from the Printed Party are cute, and you can have each posted with your friend’s favorite wine.

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Detailed information about I Can’t Say I Do Without You | Set of 7 Wine Bottle Labels

The set includes seven printed labels features two unique rose designs. One of the cards is to be sent to the maid of honor with the six meant for the bridesmaids. They are of standard size measuring 4" by 4.25" which fits most wine bottles. Since the labels come with an adhesive, you only need to peel and stick to the container.

For better results, it is advisable to remove the original labels before sticking these. The labels are waterproof so you can keep the wine refrigerated without worrying about the print fading off or the label tearing apart. This can be a unique idea of asking your friends to be your bridesmaid on the big day.