The Fix Cora Studded Leather Flat Clutch with Tasseled Zipper

Are you a workwoman or you know one who is in need of a perfect compromise between a purse and a typical clutch bag? Then you are safe to conclude that your need has already been taken care of with this Cora Studded flat clutch bag.  This bag is 8 inches high and 11 inches wide, enough to contain your everyday necessities. It is durable enough, made of 100% leader so you would not be concerned about it peeling off as it ages. This flat clutch bag features a polished metallic studding with an interior that’s exceptionally lined with a dark brown fabric to make it really appealing. A bag that’s not too big but sizable enough to comfortably fit your tablet, a small phone, a little makeup bag and some credit cards. One of the sides is studded to create a classy touch.

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Detailed information about The Fix Cora Studded Leather Flat Clutch with Tasseled Zipper

This is surely a bag that would handle all your occasions perfectly. The zipper pull on this clutch bag is tasseled to give a chic appearance and it contains a slip pocket. A fabric divider divides the bag into two section. It combines a capacity that is generous enough with its sturdy appeal to make everyday usage memorable. Shoulder and wrist straps are absent on this as it is made for light travelers. If you really want to reduce scratches on your tablet screen, this bag would accommodate it without any problems. You would not experience the chemical smell that’s associated with most clutch bags. This bag is metallic silver in color, but the silver is not over the top or too shiny.