The Fix Cora Studded Leather Flat Clutch with Tasseled Zipper

Know someone who is kind of a businesswoman and is in need of a combination between a purse and a clutch bag? Well, this is the perfect gift for them. This Cora Studded flat clutch bag is 8 inches high and 11 inches wide. It can store most of the everyday items. It is durable and made of 100% leather which will ensure that no peeling comes as years go by. This flat clutch bag features a polished metallic studding with an interior made of brown fabric. A bag that is not too big but it is sizable enough to comfortably fit a tablet, small phone, makeup, glasses and credit cards too! Only one of the sides is studded which gives it a classy appearance.

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Detailed information about The Fix Cora Studded Leather Flat Clutch with Tasseled Zipper

 This bag is made to match any type of clothing and to fit any occasion perfectly. It features a zipper pull to give it a chic appearance and a slip pocket for practical use. It also features a fabric divider which splits the bag into two sections. It has a capacity that is generous enough. It has a sturdy appeal which makes everyday usage memorable. There are no shoulder or wrist straps as it is made for light travelers. It is big enough to store various products, such as tablets which will ensure the screens' safety from scratching.