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FAYBOX Elegant Headband

There is a lot that goes on when planning your wedding and that includes gifts for the various people who make your big day a success. The focus is likely to be on your bridesmaids and groomsmen. But these are not the only ones who deserve a thank you gift.

There is also the cutest member of your bridal party that brings a whole new charm to your wedding; the flower girl.

So, as you shop for your bridal team, it’s important to remember that the little girl is also part of your wedding as your big girls too.

Why don’t you make her feel and look like the little princess she is with this elegant flower girl’s headband by FAYBOX? She will certainly look fabulous on your big day and grace the occasion gracefully like a princess.

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Detailed information about FAYBOX Elegant Headband

Your flower girl will absolutely adore this headband because she will look stunning in it. The little girls always look cute as part of the bridal team.

It features two silk flowers, a rhinestone, ribbons, a bead, and an artificial flower. All these features make a white floral presentation that looks absolutely elegant.

The headband has a diameter of about 5.5 inches and each ribbon measures approximately 17.7 inches long.


A cute headband for flower girls

It's suitable for various occasions

Adjustable with a ribbon