Fashion Flamingo Keychain Plush Doll Pendant

You have probably lost your keys in the past. Or, maybe because you did not pack them in the right way or dropped them as you walk. The struggle of getting your keys back can be frustrating, and it is not something you would want to happen again. For this reason, why not get a keychain where you can safely chain your keys all the time. Also, you can get one for your friend as a gift. This Qlychee fashion flamingo keychain is beautiful, and it will come in handy.

Everyone has a bunch of keys they carry around; car keys, house keys, or the school’s drawer keys. The best way to have all these together is getting a sizeable keychain that can hold all together. This one is stylish, and if you love toys, then it would work like one too. It comes in bright pink color and a funny flamingo shape. Attached to it is a ring and chain where you can fix your keys.

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Detailed information about Fashion Flamingo Keychain Plush Doll Pendant

Also, it has a clasp attached to the ring which allows you to fix in on an existing bunch of keys or phone. This ensures you do not lose them easily and you can detach if you need to. It can be a great gift for sisters or female friends. The size is considerably big to fit in your hand but not so large to occupy much space in your bag.