Camping Is Intents – Enamel Camping and Outdoor Mug by Foster and Rye

Outdoorsmen love the gift of nature, and they spend a better part of their lives exploring the outdoors. This bunch is devoted to outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, hunting fishing and so on. But no matter how engaging these activities seem to be, we all know east or west, home is always the best. Some of the things that make home a nostalgic place when you are far are pretty simple like the morning coffee and its homely smell.

So, if you happen to have an outdoorsman in your life, how about you make it a home where they are by sending them off to their nature expeditions with this camping and outdoor enamel mug from Foster and Rye? It will certainly stay in one piece, and they will find it hilariously funny especially when they are far away and immensely homesick.

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Detailed information about Camping Is Intents – Enamel Camping and Outdoor Mug by Foster and Rye

Even when out there, nothing can truly beat a steaming mug of freshly brewed coffee on a crisp cold morning. This fun camping mug will ensure that there are caffeinated and ready to kick off the day.

The materials make the cup durable and sturdy. It won’t chip, crack or break no matter how many times it is dropped or moved when one is hauling or moving equipment around it. The enamel finish and steel rim give the mug an old-fashioned look coupled with cheerful speckle.


A befitting gift for campers, hikers, fishers, and generally outdoorsmen

Made with excellent enamel construction which makes it suitable for outdoors and moving around


For some mugs, the design picture and the words come off after washing