Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia

Have you ever wondered if there is a solution for that instant fresh looking hair first thing in the morning without worrying about hair damage? Well, good news ladies – there is. Dyson has come up with the perfect hair dryer that helps minimize or prevent your hair from getting damaged due to extreme heat – and that is with the Supersonic Hair Dryer.

This revolutionary hair dryer adjusts the temperature by regulating the heat after it checks the air temperature, so you do not have to worry about the heat burning your hair (and your face!).

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Detailed information about Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer Iron/Fuchsia

The magnetic attachments that come with this Fuchsia colored dryer elevate it to more than just a dryer but a styling tool as well. Included are nozzles for smoothing, diffusing and a styling concentrator. But that is not all.

If you absolutely hate the sound your regular hair dryer makes (that loud, whirring sound – ugh!), don’t fret - This Supersonic Hair Dryer is definitely less offensive to the ears, if they are at all. As you do the drying and styling, it produces a lesser disturbing sound as it is acoustically tuned.

The dryer is also so much easier to hold since the motor is actually positioned in the handle, making its weight distribution and shape more optimal for any hand, may it be small or big.


Achieve salon-level styling at the comfort of your own home

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