Don’t Text and Drive New Driver Gift

Parents know that children grow up so fast. One day you were changing their diapers and in the blink of an eye, you are accompanying them to their driving test. And before you know it, they pass their test, get their driver’s license and are on the way to their independence. As parents, we always want to protect our children, especially when we can’t always be there for them. W

e know that teenagers do not always have a long attention span which may cause them to check their phones and can lead to some serious consequences when driving. Thankfully we have the ‘Don’t Text And Drive’ Steering Wheel Car Accessory to help us!

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Detailed information about Don’t Text and Drive New Driver Gift

A constant reminder for our teenagers not to get distracted by their phones every time they sit behind the steering wheel. With the addition of ‘Love, Mom’ after the reminder makes it a lot more loving than scolding, which we are sure they will appreciate. This is the perfect gift from mother to child to accompany your teenage son’s first ever car!

The ‘Don’t Text and Drive’ steering wheel car accessory is made of smooth, non-slip neoprene material for ease and comfort in driving. It also has a velcro strap which makes it fit in all types and sizes of steering wheels so you do not have to worry about which size fits best. The message is printed in all white against the black fabric, so you are sure that they will read the message on the wheel instead of their phone.


Simple design makes it easy to attach to the steering wheel.

Sweet yet direct message printed in white on the black neoprene material to ensure teenagers get the reminder

Non-slip, fits all steering wheels