Do Not Disturb, I’m Gaming’ – Ankle Socks

Many gaming enthusiasts love to own gimmicks and novelty, specialty garments associated with their hobby. Some gamers go for printed underwear, some for tee shirts, and some for socks. Whatever item of clothing they have as a geeky message to the rest of the world, you can be rest assured that they will love that garment and wear it as often as possible, especially when other people are around. It is almost like a badge of office or rank to show their friends and other gaming enthusiasts just how much into the hobby they really are.

These socks are the perfect warning to other members of the family that they are in an important gaming session and on no account can they be distracted.

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Detailed information about Do Not Disturb, I’m Gaming’ – Ankle Socks

The socks are obviously ankle length but are made with 95% cotton so that the socks can stretch and the feet can breathe. They are stretchable ‘one size fits many’ socks, and are suitable for unisex shoe size 6 to 12.

They come in nine different colors, but all of them have the words ‘Do Not Disturb’ on the sole of one sock while the other one of the pair has the words ‘I'm Gaming’ and has a picture of a gaming controller underneath the words.

They are easily washed either by hand or in a washing machine and will quickly stretch back into shape afterward. These novelty gaming socks will make a superb and welcome gift for any gamer in your family.


Warm and comfortable 95% cotton ankle socks

Nine different colors to choose from

‘One size fits many’ shoe size 6 to 12

Suitable for males and females