Cool Cop Vest Cooling System

Do you have a police officer in your life who is always working outside in the hot sun? The Body Armor Cooling Vest is the perfect gift to keep them cool while on the job. It utilizes tactical ballistic ventilation air flow to keep cops cool. This vest allows breathable space between the police officer’s undershirt and their ballistic vest. It allows for airflow keeping them cooler. This cooling vest also helps with drying sweat so that they aren’t wet and sweaty all day.

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Detailed information about Cool Cop Vest Cooling System

This vest allows great ventilation which will help protect individuals from heat exhaustion or a heat stroke. It will also lessen the build-up of bacteria to keep your cop healthy and have less body odor.

The design of the Body Armor Cooling Vest is great because it has perfectly placed Velcro straps and sides so that both stay in place and are easy to get on and off. The company recommends ordering one size smaller than the person's undershirt size in order to get the right fit.