Collegiate Hat Clip & Two Ball Markers for Golf

It’s a small, thoughtful gift that is fantastic for any golf player who has pride in his or her college! Sometimes we spend so much time thinking of the perfect gift that we don’t realize small things can be just as important as a new fancy product. Especially for those that have graduated college and have moved on into the adult world. As people grow older they tend to want things with sentimental value rather than price or flashiness. And this small collection of a collegiate hat clip and two ball markers is a fabulous gift for them to commemorate a special time in their lives!

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Detailed information about Collegiate Hat Clip & Two Ball Markers for Golf

The hat clip is magnetic and can be placed anywhere - on a hat or baseball cap, to show off pride for your school. The two ball markers also feature the school’s logo and can be a nifty way to keep place of your ball on the golf course. Durable and quite light, these collegiate items will last a lifetime without you even noticing them on your hat or in your pocket.