Cheers Shot Glass Set, 4 Piece Drinking Game

When it is drinking time, everyone knows it’s about to get real. Buddies that drink together understand how crucial it is to keep the connection and create the memories. But, how do they get to have extra fun in addition to their usual drinking sprees?

Would you think a set of shot glasses can make a difference at a party? Well, this set from Style Setter is one set that will make the drinking even enjoyable. The glass set can be a lovely gift idea for a friend, host of a party or family.

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Detailed information about Cheers Shot Glass Set, 4 Piece Drinking Game

So, how different are the glasses? This set of shot glasses comes with a funny countdown design to the number of shots one has to take. They are four in number, and the counting starts with one. For friends that love taking tequila shots, then this set is the right one. One glass counts the first shot, the other the second and the third.

The humor comes from the last count that states ‘floor.' This is to assume that after counting the three shot glasses, one is most likely to end up on the floor on the fourth glass. This is hilarious, and friends would love to see who can stand the last shot. The glasses are indeed perfect for any party.