Camping Activity Book for Families: The Kid-Tested Guide to Fun in the Outdoors Kindle Edition

This book titled Camping Activity Book for Families by Linda Hamilton will make a great family gift. It’s an inspirational and practical kid-tested guide that will help make family outdoors adventures fun. It will not only make outdoor activities such as camping doable, but it will also connect the entire family and bring them closer to each other.

This guide will be a great family accessory. It is equipped with tips on how to have fun in the outdoors while at the same time enjoying each other’s company at the moment. In this book, Linda Hamilton details a wide variety of games, crafts, songs, and lots of old-fashioned fun activities that parents and children can enjoy and have memorable moments.

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Detailed information about Camping Activity Book for Families: The Kid-Tested Guide to Fun in the Outdoors Kindle Edition

In today's world, kids and adult alike rely heavily on technological gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, and computer games to have fun. Even though there is nothing wrong with the smart devices; they don't encourage the spirit of togetherness which is likely to lead to a disconnect among family members.

The guide ensures that the family comes together in group activities like going for adventurous nature-themed hunting escapades, or building giant nests or a pinecone art or observing the sky and getting mesmerized by the stars as each of them gets a chance to breathe in the freshness of the wilderness.

It's beautifully illustrated with a great layout and fun photography. It's interesting to read from page to page, cover to cover. Reading this book will make one realize that its actually the simple things that matter the most and connect the family. Being close as a family and doing stuff together is the only way to engage in meaningful conversations, understand and connect with each other.


An easy-to-read book with fun-filled outdoor activities

Well-illustrated with beautiful photos

A great book for families

Written by an Award-winning author in Children’s Interactive category (2017)