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Call Me Irresponsible – Michael Buble’

Nothing portrays Christmas more than sitting around an open fire listening to really good music with family or friends. Although tastes in music vary and one person’s favorite music is another’s noise, we expect that most people will agree that the Canadian singer Michael Buble can certainly sing well. You may not like his style and his good looks but you must agree that the man knows how to create a cosy and familiar atmosphere and how to sing those favorite songs that most people love to hear.

“Call Me Irresponsible” is one of Michael Buble’s great albums released in June 2017 and containing thirteen of his songs that would not feel out of place at home, in the car or in a cocktail lounge.

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Whatever your own personal taste, this man is extremely talented and can bring back the cool swing sounds and the laid back styles reminiscent of Sammy Davis Jnr, Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin, to name but a few. He sings these well-known swing, jazz and soul songs in his own style, with the occasional nod to the Grand Masters who have come before and who have made this type of music great.

Buble' has the gift of producing music that is smooth, melodious and positive. He never uses a bad word, never has a grating voice, he sings so beautifully the listener will want to sit and soak up his sounds all day, but most importantly, when Buble' sings he actually sounds like he is enjoying himself and this is carried through into his music and lifts anyone who is listening. After a hard day at work just get home, turn on the Buble' and pour a large glass of wine.


In our opinion, anything by Michael Buble is good but this album is one of his best

Sold in a range of different formats to suit the listener’s preference

A wonderful gift for anyone who likes good music