Broadway Basketeers Sweets & Snacks Filled Photo Gift Box Collection

The Broadway Basketeers photo gift box filled with sweets and snacks will undoubtedly be a fantastic gift to anyone in your life. This is a unique gift idea, suitable for both men and women and can be given to celebrate any occasion or milestone.

Whether as a gift to your sister, father, mother, daughter, a friend or a colleague, this gift box is stunning enough to help you show appreciation and spread love no matter the occasion. Imagine giving someone a gift box that not only comes with delightfully edible snacks but it also doubles up as photo box which can be used from time to time? Pretty amazing right? Even after they are done with the sweets and the snacks, they will still get a memorable collectible that will always remind them of your gesture.

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Detailed information about Broadway Basketeers Sweets & Snacks Filled Photo Gift Box Collection

The box aside, let’s talk about the delicious goodies that come well packaged as a gift basket. The receiver will get a taste of fantastic flavors all in one place. They will delightfully crunch on Beth’s chocolate chip cookies best for dunking with a hot cup of tea or coffee. Then there are decadently sweet and creamy caramel coated popcorns which are simply mouthwatering.

Perhaps it’s the Bellagio French vanilla cocoa which tops the list in this box. The receiver will get a taste of the smooth and delicious French vanilla cocoa which is one the best warm drink any time of the day, all year and has a great vanilla taste.

If the giftee happens to be a chocolate lover, they will certainly enjoy the Bellagio chocolate truffle which has a rich chocolate flavor. This one will definitely be a hit instantly! And if they happen to be tea lovers, they will be delighted to find a pack of each of the following teas; organic chai tea, lemon ginger tea, and organic breakfast tea.


A gourmet collection filled with delicious snacks and sweets for all occasion

Everything is edible and Kosher certified

The gift box doubles as a photo box and a keepsake

The company can customize the gift basket for the occasion